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LAW Educational Resources

The Living Archaeology Weekend event is guided by three educational goals.


Visitors to Living Archaeology Weekend will gain a greater appreciation and understanding for each of the following:

  • Native peoples who lived in the Red River Gorge had needs similar to ours: food, clothing, and shelter, as well as families, government, trade, art, and beliefs. They accomplished great things!​


  • Historic period settlers used new but parallel technologies to address similar needs, as they developed farms, industries, and communities in the Red River Gorge.​


  • We all have a responsibility to preserve the places in the Red River Gorge where these past people left behind the traces of their ways of life.

The LAW Steering Committee has committed considerable time and resources to develop high- quality educational resources to support these educational goals and to enhance learning before, during, and after the LAW event. Beginning in 2008 with support of a  Public Outreach Grant from the Southeast Archaeological Conference and other sponsors, the LAW Steering Committee created content pieces, lesson plans (aligned to Kentucky state standards), and other materials focused on the archaeology of the Red River Gorge and eastern Kentucky. In the past, additional educational opportunities included the summer teacher workshop and the student essay contest. The LAW Steering Committee was also involved in a collaborative research project aimed at deep assessment of student learning at LAW.


​LAW educational materials may be downloaded and reproduced for educational purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all educational materials are copyrighted by the Living Archaeology Weekend Steering Committee.

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