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Living Archaeology Weekend is a free, annual public outreach program that offers local school children and a national general audience a variety of educational activities in archaeology and the lifeways of American Indians and pioneers delivered along the picturesque banks of Gladie Creek in eastern Kentucky.


The objective of Living Archaeology Weekend is to provide school children and the general public with diverse, high-quality, multi-sensory educational opportunities in American Indian and pioneer technologies and other lifeways, archaeological interpretation, and archaeological site preservation.

Keith Grenoble demonstrates open-fire cooking

Primitive technology expert Keith Grenoble demonstrates native cooking techniques including earth oven roasting and open-fire grilling



an appreciation for cultural diversity and cultural accomplishments, focusing on the rich American Indian heritage of Kentucky spanning 11,500 years and continuing to the​ present, as well as the lifeways of historic period settlers in Kentucky.

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about the past as it is known through archaeology, including but not limited to archaeological site types in Kentucky, the culture history of Kentucky, and reconstruction of traditional American Indian and pioneer lifeways in Kentucky.

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Foster Respect


for cultural resources and promote public stewardship of the archaeological record.

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Living Archaeology Weekend programs will...

Educational Goals

Educational Goals

After attending Living Archaeology Weekend, students, teachers, and the general public will understand that ...

1. Native peoples who lived in the Red River Gorge had needs similar to ours: food, clothing, and shelter, as well as families, government, trade, art, and beliefs. They accomplished great things!

2. Historic period settlers used new but parallel technologies to address similar needs, as they developed farms, industries, and communities in the Red River Gorge.

3. We all have a responsibility to preserve the places in the Red River Gorge where these past people left behind the traces of their ways of life.

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