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Thank you for volunteering at LAW 2023!

This is a volunteers-only webpage with special information for the special people who help make this event possible. For safety reasons, please do not share the URL for this webpage or the information provided about volunteering with others.

The Volunteer Information Packet has details about dates and times, the event venue, driving directions, what to bring, food and lodging options, what to expect, tasks for volunteers, and other information to help volunteers prepare for the event.

Additional Volunteer Info
Will you be camping at Gladie?
Will you be camping at Koomer Ridge?
Will you be attending the party Friday night at Lil Abner Motel?
Which t-shirt design do you want?
My Friday breakfast choices are
My Saturday breakfast choices are
My Friday lunch choices are
My Saturday lunch choices are
Check your top 3 choices of assignments

Thank you for the information! Let us know if you have questions:

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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