Join Our LAW Volunteer Team!

The Living Archaeology Weekend event would not be possible without the contributions of our dedicated volunteers. Since 2006, our volunteer force has grown in size in concert with expansion of the event. The core of our volunteer force includes members of the Red River Historical Society; members of the Kentucky Chapter of the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills; and anthropology students from Western Kentucky University, the University of Kentucky, and Eastern Kentucky University. Other volunteers represent archaeology contract firms, state and federal agencies, and civic organi-zations.

We ask volunteers to help with all phases of the Living Archaeology Weekend event. Set-up is all day on Thursday, September 20, 2018. The event is delivered on Friday and Saturday, September 21-22, which is when the largest number of volunteers is needed. The tents are taken down and the venue cleaned up late Saturday, September 19.

On Friday and Saturday, volunteers can contribute in two major ways. First, we need about 50-60 volunteers to assist demonstrators. This involves helping with hands-on activities, managing the flow of visitors through the demonstration, watching booths during demonstrator breaks, and running errands for the demonstrator. Second, we need 10 volunteers to assist with logistics during/after the event. Logistics tasks do not require previous experience or preparation.

What we can offer volunteers in exchange for their hard work is a free event t-shirt (for volunteers working two full days) or a free event magnet or glass (for volunteers working one full day), free bottled water, free camping, new knowledge, new friends, and our unending appreciation!

To volunteer at LAW 2019, download the volunteer information form

and email it to the LAW volunteer coordinator.

​The information packet for LAW 2019 volunteers is emailed

to volunteers upon receipt of the information form.

(Above) Western Kentucky University volunteer Megan Green assists with the cattail mat weaving demonstation at LAW 2010. (Below) UK Catlatl Club volunteer Brandon Ritchison was one of several club members who delivered the spear throwing demonstration at LAW 2010.

WKU volunteer at cattail mats
UK Catlatl Club volunteer with spear throwing