LAW Educational Content and Lessons​

Since 2008, the LAW Steering Committee has developed about 50 original resources to support the educational goals of the Living Archaeology Weekend event. These content pieces and lesson plans prepare visitors before the event, frame the visitor experience during the event, and extend the educational mission after the event. Though the materials focus on native and pioneer archaeology of the Red River Gorge and eastern Kentucky, the material can be generalized to archaeology and Woodland Indians and historic settlers in other places.


​LAW educational materials may be downloaded and reproduced for educational purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all educational materials are copyrighted by the Living Archaeology Weekend Steering Committee, all rights reserved. 


A grant from the Southeastern Archaeological Conference to the Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists supported the development and production of LAW materials in 2008.


LAW educational materials are designed for teachers, students, and the general public. The pdf/jpg files are organized here in three ways: by topic, by type, and by phase in relation to the LAW event.

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